Class of 2013
Bridgett Bates
Sandra Clem
Rich Garbee
Dorothy Getty
Bill Glas
Velma Saire

Class of 2014
Andrew Birnie Roscoe Carrier Debbie Dellinger Gretchen Flowers Megan Melichar Jenna Stevenson Brooks Follett

Class of 2015

Jane Birnie

Ann Boyer

Katherine Harbison

Baby Kinney

Tim Murdoch

Bob Nicklewicz

Josh Taylor-Martin

Co-Presidents of Deacons: Breffny Madden and Sandy Cooper
Deacon Initiative

The Deacons formed a “Congregational Action Team” (CAT). Our hope is the small projects we tackle will eventually become a Church-wide activity and not just something the Deacons do. In essence, CAT will focus on performing random acts of kindness for people in need in our community.

Initially, these will be small projects such as shoveling snow from sidewalks, mowing lawns, trimming bushes, fixing a broken railing, painting, helping someone file their taxes or balance their check book, taking a meal to someone in need, or just being there to talk, etc. The Deacons have contacted local community outreach agencies to make our presence known and that we are here to help.
One need has already surfaced and is being met. By way of this announcement, and others, the Deacons are making the presence of CAT known within the Church. Surely it will start small; but we look forward to the emergence and growth of this mission-based project. If are willing to serve on CAT, please contact Annie Gensheimer or any other Deacon.

Since the projects are completely random, when and how much time you choose to spend helping others will be completely up to you; and there won't be any meetings to attend! More importantly, if you know of someone in need of CAT's services, again, please contact Annie or one of the Deacons listed. No job is too big or too small. Okay, maybe some jobs are too big; but contact us just the same, and we'll see what we can do! That's what CAT is all about. Thank you!

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