One Room Schoolhouse*

Sunday, September 15th at 10 AM
Ansby Hall

Before we head back to our Adult Sunday School classes, join us for a look at the new ideas in the works for our Adult and Children’s Programs. Our Discipleship and Spiritual Growth Committee (formerly known as Christian Education) will outline their thoughts on Discipleship at SPC and how they are going to focus on our congregation’s growth in Jesus Christ. We will also get a sneak peek at the exciting new program for SPC children during the 11 AM Worship Service.

*Adults only. Children and Youth will be attending Sunday School during this hour.


Begin Sunday, September 22

Ansby Hall Class
Ansby Hall | 10 AM
The Rev. Paul Wierman will lead a three week exploration of Religious Fundamentalism. It exists in many forms today, in many of the world’s religions. Join us in this discussion if you have questions about:

- the broad spectrum of religious fundamentalism -
- what the heated church conflicts of the 1920s have to say to us -
- the divisive beliefs that are splitting Presbyterian congregations today -

Young Adult Class
Library | 10 AM
We will be studying “Dust to Glory,” a DVD series survey of the Bible by R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries.

Manse Class
Choir Room | 10 AM
We will be using The Wired Word, an innovative curriculum that connects current events with relevant Scripture passages.

Please contact Sharon Barber at 412.741.4550 ext. 211 if you have any questions.




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