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Denominational Offerings

We receive three special denominational offerings each year:

The Peacemaking Offering

Received on World Communion Sunday, this offering supports peacemaking ministries of congregations, presbyteries, synods and the General Assembly. Twenty-five percent
of the offering is retained by congregations, 25% is used by synods and presbyteries, and 50% is allocated to General Assembly ministries. For a complete listing of how the General Assembly allocates its portion of the offering, go to

The Christmas Joy Offering

Received on Christmas Eve, the Christmas Joy Offering is one of the special offerings designated by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to provide congregations direct ways of supporting specific causes that help those in need. This year the offering will be split in 3 ways: one-third going to The Center for Hope in Ambridge, one-third going to the PC(USA) assistance program for retired clergy and the remaining third will directly support TPCS's mission ministries.

The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering

The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering is roughly divided into thirds. Each of three programs, Self-
Development of People, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program, receives 32% of the offering; the remaining 4% goes to the Presbyterian Hunger Program for its work on homelessness and affordable housing. We will receive the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering on Easter.

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