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God Loves Us, No Matter What

As I sit in my home chapel (my front porch), I’m reflecting on what I have learned from reading  through the Bible so far this year. This is my favorite place for reading Scripture because I feel a part of God’s creation. I sink into the green of grass and maple leaves; the white of […]

Beginning with the End in Mind

In his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey suggests that “one should begin each day, task or project with a clear vision of one’s desired direction and destination”.  I must admit that when I began the Bible Project on January 1, the destination I had in mind was getting THROUGH the […]

Teach Me Your Ways

Dear fellow believers in Jesus Christ, I just finished reading 2 Kings and am left wondering when will we humans learn to obey God with all our heart, soul and strength? You’d think that we would have learned a thing or two from Adam and Eve, but no! Each king  is given the golden opportunity […]

Old Testament Stories

  I think many of us are “wondering” about these Old Testament stories. I certainly am. Sometimes, I don’t even wonder, and just am uncomfortable. Why are so many being killed and often in excruciating detail? What am I to learn from these events? But, I plough on, thinking ‘this too will pass.’ As I […]


Greetings Fellow Bible-in-a-Year Readers, I am wondering how everyone is progressing. I wonder if anyone is like me – some days I am playing catch up and some days I am right on schedule. I wonder if anyone else is inspired to Google for more information. And I wonder if anyone else “wonders” about some […]